Qualtiy Assurance Services

Qualtiy Assurance Services
Traditional Testing Models

Traditional testing models find that as the product grows, the amount of testing grows exponentially and the Quality Assurance team struggles to keep up. Often stake holders run into the unwelcome choice: delay the release, requiring a substantial amount of time, effort and money. Traditional models are also rigid and inflexible. Altering the project design at any stage can be a total nightmare and once a stage has been complete, it is nearly impossible to make changes to it. This is where Agile testing model comes handy. Agile offers an incredibly flexible model promoting adaptive planning and accommodating ever-changing requirements. Our testing teams have extensive exposure to Agile testing model and excellent command on advanced tools ensuring bug-free software.

How we differ

We follow Agile Testing principles of testing software for bugs or performance issues within the context of an agile workflow. We believe in principles of collaboration, flexibility, simplicity, transparency, and responsiveness to feedback throughout the entire process of developing a new software application or product. Agile is our way of living.

What we offer

Our world-class test engineers have extensive experience handling several applications ranging from e-commerce applications to enterprise class ERP systems. We deliver software testing services both as on-site contractors and at our development centres in various locations across the nation. We provide expertise with strong exposure in the following areas:

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